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Welcome to the Ace Attorney OC Wiki Page!Edit

This is just a small personal wiki for storing the Ace Attorney Community's OCs for easy perusal, especially on roleplays.

Those friends can put non-AA OCs here too if they wish; I'm not picky.

This is also used for chronicling other community-related things, such as contests and Mafia Games, but the owner is too lazy to actually keep up with it.

Main Pages: Edit

OC Contests - Links and details for each contest we've had.

Mafia Games - I don't update this often, but here are a few stats on the first few games.

A Walk in the Park - Chronicling RPs and stories created by Park Manjoon.

Att versus Deems - Anything related to Att and Deems, including roleplays, images, and the hateship.

Crackland - Sillier roleplays not in canon.

Related to Deems - Since Elisebeth's the main person who's worked on this, most of the articles relate to him, and since she's the one making these links, he gets on the front page. Yeah. Because of bias.

Latest activityEdit

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